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Sunny Menon is a software engineer with over 18 years of experience in the design, architecture, development of high volume enterprise applications. He has experience enabling cloud environment for enterprise applications. Designed and developed a bigdata product which is currently in stealth mode. He has helped #startups evolve from conceptual stages through definition of the actual product by aligning them with industry requirements, developing proof-of-concept and demonstrating the product thereby, helping in seeking funding from financiers. He has extensive experience in the integration of large enterprise applications, middle-ware and modernization of enterprise applications centered around SOA/SaaS/PaaS/Cloud environments. He has an Android app available in the Android market place /Google Play called EasyImageSender, and an iOS app. He has also developed android/iOs apps for payment, medical and insurance industries. They can be searched with the key term "EasyImageSender" At night, he enjoys 'staring' at the night skies and sings, twinkle twinkle little star, how I STILL WONDER what you are.... He is a cruel poet who walks bare foot at times, to feel the beauty of the earth, he sometimes set foot on. Technical advisory to

Big data observation, inference and actionable items, leading to substantial results.

Big data analytics presenting substantial results – infographics . Big data companies must try to attain results from big data analytics. Today  generic reports are being provided to by big data companies. Analytics from big data must be futuristic.  

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There should be “Intellectual Ratings” for content publishing.

As content creators, small, big and devils create content and publish like shower of flames emitting from the mouth of fire monsters, regulators WILL evolve and become more powerful like the formation of the government, during the beginning of modern … Continue reading

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World deadliest animals, what can man do?

Check out who kills the most. Classic representation and great data to share with the society we live in. You will find more statistics at Statista

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The word of “Love”, the Shakespeare story of #bigdata

#Bigdata spin off on the data on Shakespeare’s classics, provides new insights into his books and concepts. According to queries spawned off on words used by Shakespeare in his books, it appears that the infamous book of love and romance … Continue reading

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What if ? & What If There Are 26 Letters ?

Click the video. Slow readable view. IMAGINE with Patience. Did you share the imagination ?

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#Bigdata may reveal insights into John F Kennedy Assasination

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More than 52 years after the assassination of John F Kennedy, the humanitarian president of 1963, new technology if not new evidence, may reveal more insights into his assassination and plot. With over 200 million search results spitted out by … Continue reading

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Wrong turn of BigData -Ten Reasons and how BigData will take a big leap!

Enterprises are taking every step to tap into the realms of bigdata. How much is bigdata has already been debated. It seems, there are valuable and futuristic information hidden within big data clusters, no doubt –  Old jungle saying. If … Continue reading

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The Abstractionism of probability theory.

This discussion on ‘The Abstractionism of probability” is perhaps one of the first in the world to be discussed publicly. It has to be understood that, this discussion has evolved out of various other discussions with mathematicians, philosophers, doctors and … Continue reading

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Low Cost BigData Implementation-The Money that lies beneth.

On wrapping up a bigdata POC implementation project for a major retail organization. We were tasked with reviewing security and compliance issues with the same client. To a question, where is the money residing and buried within enterprises, we ask a … Continue reading

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BigData And The Cloud

BigData and the cloud, sounds like David & Goliath; but really could be Romeo & Juliet, if defined with a good deployment model.  If wired differently and haphazardly, it could turnout to be “Brutus & Caesar”. For Bigdata deep packet … Continue reading

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