Nothing Much To Look Through The Google Glass.(For Now)

Google glass, like any other act of a giant, gets praised and glorified, tweeted with sore throats and posted on walls, by many. It gets talked about in various blogs, publications, news channels and what not? All glorified the looks and talked about value of google glass. It was clearly looking like marketing. Some talked a little bad about things like walking into a public rest rooms or a cinema theater wearing one of the GG’s., but none talked about its “NO VALUE”.
1. Cost of it is 1500 – No worry. It will be down to a few 100’s pretty soon and stay at a cost of, may be around $200.00 to $300 for couple of years. After all what does it have ? A 5 Mbps Camera, a Wifi connectivity card, yes it is small, yet.. and a projection display; this may cost money too, yet what does all this integrated, bring the value altogether ?.
2. Of the many demo’s that majorly demonstrated was, to capture images and display it to second person and make it feel like you are seeing through the eyes of the person wearing the GG. Some put it this way, you can find your way using GPS ; this is good nano technology look and feel; yet, how does it help ? I can get it using a good phablet and it doesn’t obstruct my eyes.
3. Some others said , if you are in the airport, you could ask the voice activated GG to show you flight timings. Other demonstrated the same old demo google demonstrated in the first place.. voice activated searches of cats and dogs and, recording a video and searching for a video., its text to speech with an in-built speaker will give you information that you asked for by kick starting the prompt, by saying “Ok Glass”..
4.What you did so far is to do exactly what one would do in a fairly good display, wifi enabled, mobile device.
Let us say the cost has come down to $100 . Will you buy it and if so for what ?
5.Some were asking if they had power glasses, can the still use “google glass” on top of that. Some guy tried it and that looked like, the GG is designed to fit people with power glasses. Good good.
6.This doesn’t look anything like a of transformation from PC to laptop or laptop to hand held device. There is no “True disruption” that I could see.
Although, the current release is being projected as an ‘exploratory” release, a few years from now, given the premise of its functionality, there isn’t much to be anticipated. Other than speed at which GG brings back search results, or having more resolution on the camera and battery life, may be some deign changes…there isn’t much that could be seen ‘looking through the blue glass’. There is a big news media publication working on delivery news headlines to google glass. Who would want that? Not sure. API’s for developers have started getting crowded though and so are the downloads on the mobile applications. Not sure as what the people downloading the app are doing with it… because the number of downloads exceeds the number of glasses released by almost twenty or thirty times.

Irrespective of all this.. I defenitely see one good and real good application to Mr. GG.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
— Albert Einstein

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