Statistical analysis tools may not be where the solution is. Good lord, how long will these rituals continue?

As more door opens up in the financing world for ‘Big Data’ tools, the existing tools provided by SAS, R-Programing, or tools that spit tabular data into excel spreadsheet, provides just statistical data. Not only that, these existing tools are not designed to accept the humongous data sets waiting to be consumed, arriving at high speed pipes in the form of requests. Disruption has taken place not by virtue of innovators and intelligent systems, but by the great demand that Big Data has put forth. Hard to handle the weight, tapes are being utilized traditionally and carried out as ritual acts. Yes, they like to forget about it, however, compliances and security aspects wouldn’t allow them to.  With more globalization occurring and confusions existing among data carriers and the ever increasing challenges in the telecommunications field, all demanded for disruption!

The OracleOpenWorld which will begin in SFO, starting sept. 29th, has attracted about 50,000 attendees from 123 countries and expected online attendees of about 1 Mill. Here is a little “big” data about the past event:

      There were 3,570 speakers

      40,942 Seats for sessions

      142,000 cups of coffee

      95,000 Sodas

      63,000 Lunches

      42,000 Gallons of Water

This year sessions include “Big Data”, a few of them along with MySQL related sessions, Oracle Exalytics etc, which can shed light on the issues of big data. Any evolution of the field of science of religion travels through the path to happiness or travels through the path to evil. With the Big Data hype growing on a day to day basis, there is “much ado about nothing” companies floating too.  It is anticipated that there will be discussions on the big data, the required preparedness to perceive the scams and debunk the myths. One interesting thing on the session’s list, is the union of Oracle Times Ten fuse with Exalytics. Oracle Times Ten is supposed to be an in-memory cache or full-featured, memory-optimized, relational database.

Predictive analytics provide much needed customer information puffed out of a data warehouse systems traditionally. Usually that is what is currently being retrieved by tools. Other than helping with some upselling items for instance or maximum or peak times of purchase or money matters? At times, patterns can be detected on stored data. When big data is involved, then it becomes the question of anacondas against viper. Viper fangs are poisonous. It can spit poison. Ancondas are nonvenomous. Well, it’s this way, when it comes to big data, it is a question of Godzilla against a monkey. Not the code monkeys.

As per the readings, todays current tools do not have the bandwidth to deal with Big Data. With existence of hadoop and its acceptance within the development community and NoSQL discussions, more tools are wanted by the big data “dealers”.  Keep in mind, there are more players who have not much dealt with Big Data nor dealt with Data at all. Remember, data is secured and so how can a lot of them deal with it?  Having designed a few databases might not give you the insight to deal with the Big Data problem. In order to understand Big Data, you either need to have the core mind of a researcher or you have to get the blessings of actually seeing and perhaps touching it. Only these two can see or visualize or perceive the problem of big data.

Pardon the architects, for they do not know what they are doing – Tible Quoting.

Welcome to the new age of code monkeys. Leave a comment and I will give you a chocolate. Hey, I like to hear what you have on big data, ok?

Nobody knew what would ever happen to the data slowly growing within enterprise walls.
Listen to these statements from the past….

      Man will not fly for fifty years – Orville Wright (1901)

      A Rocket will never leave the earth’s atmosphere – New York Times (1936)

      There is a world market for may be five computers – IBM’s Thomas Watson (1943)

      640K may be enough for anybody – Bill Gates

Dear weather man, once you had told us, it may or may not rain. Today, you there is possibility of rain. I have a story and I had dreamt it and will narrate it. Twinkle twinkle little stars, I still wonder how big you are….

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Sunny Menon is a software engineer with over 18 years of experience in the design, architecture, development of high volume enterprise applications. He has experience enabling cloud environment for enterprise applications. Designed and developed a bigdata product which is currently in stealth mode. He has helped #startups evolve from conceptual stages through definition of the actual product by aligning them with industry requirements, developing proof-of-concept and demonstrating the product thereby, helping in seeking funding from financiers. He has extensive experience in the integration of large enterprise applications, middle-ware and modernization of enterprise applications centered around SOA/SaaS/PaaS/Cloud environments. He has an Android app available in the Android market place /Google Play called EasyImageSender, and an iOS app. He has also developed android/iOs apps for payment, medical and insurance industries. They can be searched with the key term "EasyImageSender" At night, he enjoys 'staring' at the night skies and sings, twinkle twinkle little star, how I STILL WONDER what you are.... He is a cruel poet who walks bare foot at times, to feel the beauty of the earth, he sometimes set foot on. Technical advisory to
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