Application Modernization Print

RiverLog's engagment in large scale systems integration, makes it seameless for the company to engage with clients in Legacy system modernization. The methodologies adopted by RiverLog for executing Software modernization is unique, in that RiverLog engages at different levels. We can engage at inception stages or amidst implementation. If it is amidst implementation, we will have to study your project and its current status prior to our engagement.

Our Execution Techniques For Modernization:-

Phase I

To begin with RiverLog makes an architectural driven approach. Through immersion and proven methodology designed by RiverLog, we embed with your company and utilize the aforementioned methodology
to first make a thorough study of the existing and currently executing application environment. We study the platform on which the application is running, runtime libraries, integration layers, middle-ware deployment
data storage, network layers and other things including current SLA's, business continuity, High availability, licensing models and in doing so, we adopt a combination of RPFA and RMM.
Risk mitigation is done by following interative, agile methodologies.

Phase II

Based on resource estimation sheet produced by RiverLog and defined components for the new enterprise architecture, we will put the team together. This will be based on technology, business domain and various
other factors. The re-design, build, test and deploy will follow agile methodologies. Mapping of modules may have one to one correspondence or may not have. This solely depends upon architecture.
Modernized application will go through a test harness system in staging environment. RiverLog understands that in many organizations, the testing system or integration testing systems and staging
environments are identical in nature.

Phase III

During this phase, RiverLog will work with all stake holders of the application and create a checklist for legacy to retire services. By this phase, the modernized application would have gone through
what RiverLog calls it as "Mapped Output" comparitive study. This activity will touch upon all the moving parts of the new and old application. Onreview and approval of the 'Mapped Output", following through the
checklist mentioned earlier, the application will be brought down in a sequential manner. This practice of bringing down the legacy, retiring services, revoking existing old licenses and activating
the new enterprise architecture is a highly disciplined approach created by RiverLog through its interactions with Giants in the USA.