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Written by Rashmi Balagopal   
Monday, 11 August 2008 00:42

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RiverLog Software & Consulting Services, is a USA based company having offices in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore in India. RiverLog serves as an IT hub for various organizations on which Service Orientation and Software as a service are two major models.

Today, enterprises are collaborating to provide unified, seamless solutions for customers. May it be a supply chain or may it be a C2C purchase and provisioning system. Business units segregated as various domain services are interacting criss-cross with external entities and then entering the enterprise firewalls. It is a composite application development environment.

RiverLog's executives has been in the Enterprise Application Integration for the past 15 years. Combining traditional knowledge of the industry and mixing it with modern service enabled environment, RiverLog taps existing resources and IT infrastructure to provide a cost efficient solution.

RiverLog's experience with TOGAF, Zachman Framework and other architecture frameworks compliments in delivering high quality architectural evaluation services and products that it carries.

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