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iPhone/Android event trigger app for law enforcement or educational institution. This app for the mobile devices currently supports iPhone and Anroid devices. The app can be used in events where one can capture business cards and embed a portrait of the person whom you met. Heavily used during networking sessions to tag a business card to the face of a person's photo. The same app is also being utilized by educational institutions where students can capture two images relating to any subject and send it from any of his or her existing emails as two JPG file attachments.
Now you have one email in your inbox with details such as :-

  • Time of the event recorded.
  • Place and the event name
  • And a memo message talking about the event with two photographs attached to ONEĀ  email.

This is being helpful to Insurance agents who capture the incidents quickly and capture related images and send it with incident information.

Another use could be to capture the car license plat and clip the driving license and send it back to server for further processing ALONG with location information.

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