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RiverLog works with enterprises in deploying and ESB solution. RiverLog has specialized on deploying various off the shelf ESB's such as GlassFish ESB or Earlier called as OpenESB, IBM Websphere ESB, Weblogic OR Oralce suite, JBOSS ESB, and MULE. RiverLog's support for architecture frameworks includes re-usable design models suting to typical business and architecture domains. Using best practices and suiting requirements of clients, the company efficiently deploys ESB solutions which can fit within the middle-ware ownership domains. RiverLog can help you fill in resources, design artifacts, evaluate your design models and will justify if the solution is apt for your needs. We look into the following:-

  • Does the ESB Solution best suited for your requirement ?
  • What kind of proof of concept have you tried ?
  • Time frame.
  • Quality of service
  • Final deployment and Performance considering SLA's.

Shoot us an email and we will be more than excited to discuss with you. mail us @ info at riverlog.com