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RiverLog Software
Systems Integration Through RESTful Webservices
RiverLog Software is a systems integration company with branches in Silicon Valley, USA, Chennai Kerala With Satellite Offices Across The Globe..

Financial Institutions, Banking, small Businesses, Educational Institutions, Super Markets, Healthcare organizations, we have solutions that can help in generating revenue on your investments.

Software centric solutions

Segregated Architecture where integration enables global expansion

Modernization, transformation

Where art and technology fuse.

collaborative efforts in design development and devops,

Architecture definitely matters.

Continous Integration & Delivery Model
Seamless Agile Delivery Model

Virtual Consultations/Online Consulting


Software Modernization Consultation. A value added offering from RiverLog’s Software & Hardware Engineering consulting division. This services has two separate operational heads. West And The East. We serve south asia for the eastern region and this description below is ONLY FOR INDIA.

Specialized services for the USA, please click here.

Software implementations have aged. New modern technology has arrived. Core programming is being tapped by Data eager applications for analytics.  It is time for a change. RiverLog is engaged with huge initiatives in the USA and UK, where change is taking place.

read the need in this short white paper.

RiverLog Software & Consulting is a software company based out of San Francisco, USA. RiverLog has various products and services. In India, it has branches in Chennai & Mumbai and now RiverLogs' Global Connection is being provided to the  Kerala province. A unique service at very low price. Companies can now ask for a short term engagement, which can be delivered over the net in the form of audio, video, graphics & texts.

The Global Virtual Connection – What is it?

RiverLog’s high bandwidth, content repositories, plethora of content in the form of audio, video and graphics and its ability to publish content to specific requirement has given rise to a modernized content delivery to targeted clients. Its virtual consultation outlet provides small, mid-range and large enterprises get consultation services from its Sr. architects, business analysts and technical people at very low price.

RiverLog recruited key industry people for this task, ranging from the following business domains:-

Supply Chain,


Retail Business (Oil, consumer and garments)

Financial Services (Chartered accountants, Loaning institutions, Micro Finance)


Data warehouse and anlytics

Data Scientists 

Tours & Travel

Recruitment Companies

Software Development, Product and services companies.

The Problem
Today companies have no time and we need specific answers. To get resources, is difficult. Available resources do not satisfy requirements and have little or no experience. In this scenario, people need quick turn around time and have little money. RiverLog to the rescue. With a nominal fee, RiverLog’s staff can be online or make direct contact and talk to you about your problems. Most often we will present you with a video or an audio addressing your problem. Here below is a case study:-

Case I

A telecommunication company had purchased several software components from a software company. Their staff visits the premises on a day to day bases. Monthly there is a charge that they claim for their services. Truly what they are doing is updating their software and correcting their bugs for which YOU pay.

Solution RiverLog intervened and resolved this issue. RiverLog presented a 15 minutes video on 5 different slots of 5 minutes each. The IT staff of telecommunication company called upon RiverLog in all of their meetings and thereby reducing price charged on the company by the third party. The software vendor also got benefited by RiverLog's high value technical services, that they signed up RiverLog for performance tuning and optimization of their application code.

Case II

A financial institution has installed a software designed and developed by a local software company. But, every day, the software individual who is doing the computer work was calling the software company to demonstrate a feature how it works. Because, whenever the individual tried to execute that function, it simply does nothing. Management got involved and inquired about delays in getting reports and finally figured that the vendor from whom the company has purchased the software has filed to come up with the right software. Analysis and later development was done in-appropriately. 
RiverLog's one week remote assessment, interviews with stakeholders, remote view of the system and code presented RiverLog with a great deal of things and possibilities that could have been done. RiverLog presented with a analysis report and solved the problem, thereby helping companies save a great deal of money and wastage of time and untimely delivery of reports for management. Transactions now went smooth and faster.

Case III

An IATA certified huge company had asked a software company to automate with systems. But all of sudden, there were lots of printers, terminals and other accessories which were installed for which there were no use or nobody seemed to use it. Printer papers and inks became a real overhead. Reports are being done by copying it into CD's and later being taken to another system and taking a report again there by causing heavy delays. RiverLog resolved it by its integration frameworks. By involving people who are Sr. Systems analysts/Business Analysts and architects, RiverLog go to the bottom of the problem and resolved it at absolutely very low cost.

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