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Systems Integration Through RESTful Webservices
RiverLog Software is a systems integration company with branches in Silicon Valley, USA, Chennai Kerala With Satellite Offices Across The Globe..

Financial Institutions, Banking, small Businesses, Educational Institutions, Super Markets, Healthcare organizations, we have solutions that can help in generating revenue on your investments.

Software centric solutions

Segregated Architecture where integration enables global expansion

Modernization, transformation

Where art and technology fuse.

collaborative efforts in design development and devops,

Architecture definitely matters.

Continous Integration & Delivery Model
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Healthcare Analytics


Health Information Technology Fusion.

RiverLog has helped healthcare organizations implement integration projects that involves integration between internal and external systems. Microservices, ESB and other segregated middleware systems were used to architect and build such high volume transactional systems. This type of modernized integration involves integrating real-time AND batch processing applications and touches upon systems that provide analytics. Data for such systems like datawarehouse requires configurable applications that can filter data as business progresses and new business processes are rolled out. 

RiverLog's knowledge on healthcare compliance and regulations has accelerated such large implementations.  The company's involvement with Systems integration in the healthcare further provides the knowledge and expertise required to layout such plans for small, mid-sized health care units and large sized organizations worldwide.

RiverLog has involved in the EHR/EMR integrations in the recent past. Along with this and analytics on BigData we can provide high value for either small or large businesses. Talk to us. Initiate a no obligation discussion. Let us talk.

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