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RiverLog Software
Systems Integration Through RESTful Webservices
RiverLog Software is a systems integration company with branches in Silicon Valley, USA, Chennai Kerala With Satellite Offices Across The Globe..

Financial Institutions, Banking, small Businesses, Educational Institutions, Super Markets, Healthcare organizations, we have solutions that can help in generating revenue on your investments.

Software centric solutions

Segregated Architecture where integration enables global expansion

Modernization, transformation

Where art and technology fuse.

collaborative efforts in design development and devops,

Architecture definitely matters.

Continous Integration & Delivery Model
Seamless Agile Delivery Model

BigData & Analytics

RiverLog's experience in the field of enterprise data management, large volume data retrieval and analytics,  MDM and EIS and seeing possibilities while implementing projects, has lead RiverLog invest in the field of BigData. The company has built core products and services for enterprises and medium size businesses ranging from all domains. Details of the service and products RiverLog supports follows:-

BigData Assessment Service

Within this service, RiverLog will engage with enterprises "Personally" and conduct a full fledged assessment. This will touch upon application portfolios, understanding strategies and business models, global nature and enterprise IT layouts. It will go up-to the level of even conducting code reviews for chosen applications and inspecting trial data provided to RiverLog during the engagement. The two weeks to four weeks engagement will thereby present an executive report. The report will highlight near term and long term goals for the Bigdata projects.

Read an article on "Scalable Architecture for high volume Bigdata deployment". Data Streaming Application.

Talk to us. Email us at rashmi.balagopal AT riverlog.com OR call us at 415-251-2404

With exponential growth in data seen ahead and the growth being foreseen as high velocity growth, Enterprises and innovative start-ups are currently building applications that makes use of this data. May it be data residing within enterprise firewalls, or semi-structured or un-structured data. Many a times, we are seeing enterprises enterprise data is residing within some kind of repositories. Based on a focused study conducted by RiverLog on structured and semi-structured data storage within enterprises, we believe that in the next coming years, data storage specialization will evolve. Database vendors such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2, HSQLDB,Vetrica, Informix,SAP Hana, Teradata, etc have deep rooted the enterprise data stream. In some domains such as healthcare, data is seen stored in Teradata for quite some time now. With this data there is no necessity to port it appears. Data can now be manipulated and analytics algorithms be applied. Now it becomes only important to visualize the patterns. RiverLog's prediction is that, within next three to four years, enterprises would have already put a strong storage mechanism for bigdata that beats velocity. More un-structured data will continue to pump through network pipes. NoSQL will be constantly used to store them and tools will continue to emerge for connectivity, extraction and manipulation. Visualization tools will interface with such NoSQL tools. Most importantly, data storage vendor such as teradata will interface with visualization designer tools for BigData and data management services. Unless there is a disruption, the flow will continue to reach apogee.

RiverLog's services range from Kickstarting a bigdata project right from scratch within business units to getting involved amidst large implementations.

We also get involved by helping in defining complex solution models while at the midst of implementation within enterprises.

RiverLog has built infrastructure tools that can help speed up Bigdata projects.

We involve ourselves with vendors in a consulting engagements and bring in right resources through rigorous evaluation process and engage them in large scale implementations. RiverLog will then, technically manage the project until successful delivery, thereby mitigating risks for enterprises.

Talk to us. Let us have a thirty minutes discussion virtually (WebEx)  at no obligation. Contact Rashmi Balagopal at rashmi.balagopal AT riverlog.com orcall 415-251-2404

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