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RiverLog Software
Systems Integration Through RESTful Webservices
RiverLog Software is a systems integration company with branches in Silicon Valley, USA, Chennai Kerala With Satellite Offices Across The Globe..

Financial Institutions, Banking, small Businesses, Educational Institutions, Super Markets, Healthcare organizations, we have solutions that can help in generating revenue on your investments.

Software centric solutions

Segregated Architecture where integration enables global expansion

Modernization, transformation

Where art and technology fuse.

collaborative efforts in design development and devops,

Architecture definitely matters.

Continous Integration & Delivery Model
Seamless Agile Delivery Model

RiverLog Services Detailed

  1. Integration services. Helping enterprises design, build and deploy integration components. 
    RiverLog has been in integration world since enterprises realized the need for EAI and EAI tools started sprouting. RiverLog's initiatives in integrating an SCM application with SAP and PeopleSoft much early in the game, earned the company credits from the organization. Extensive involvement in XML and SCHEMA's brought RiverLog to the forefront of enterprise application integration. Thus, it gathered tools while its involvement in customizing integration work for clients. With these tools and immense experience, RiverLog today takes up variety of integration work right from inception stages through SOA enablement.

  2. Service enablement in a service oriented architecture environment. Proper identification of components, usage of existing infrastructure and designing the SOA enabled apps in this context.
    RiverLog has immense experience in defining SOA Roadmaps, and designing, developing and implementing SOA projects. RiverLog's development effort reduction programme is a high value added service, where RiverLog's partners are effectively made to participate. Offshore/on-site models ply importantly. In the end, a cost effective solution is thereby is delivered. 

  3. Architectural validations and IT component audit.
    A twweek engagement where RiverLog's enterprise architects, technical architects and analysts work continuously interacting with enterprise stake holders and does a complete check up of the IT components. Problem areas are discovered and a near term and long term solution is laid out. The result of this is an executive report followed by detailed fifty page document.

  4. Offshore/onsite development.
    RiverLog will involve channel partners and will use its 30 member off-shore unit based out of India to accomplish easy development of application for integration or independent applications. It has the infrastructure to communicate with client enterprise  infrastructure through firewalls and so, developed applications can be easily deployed to enterprise test servers or even production systems. 

  5. Pre-Sales support for product companies.
    RiverLog can attach technical staff to discuss about the products to your clients and can help you in pre-sales support.
  6. Specialized training.
    RiverLog can support your variety of technical training needs.
  7. GlassFish, OPENESB implementation for middle ware.
    RiverLog can work with you for your GlassFish, openEsb development an deployment needs. RiverLog has highly trained GlassFish, OpenESB technicians.
  8. Application development for JBOSS, Websphere and Weblogic

  9. Overseas Recruitment Resume maintenance on pay per usage/Subscription basis.
  10. Research & Analysis.

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