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Systems Integration Through RESTful Webservices
RiverLog Software is a systems integration company with branches in Silicon Valley, USA, Chennai Kerala With Satellite Offices Across The Globe..

Financial Institutions, Banking, small Businesses, Educational Institutions, Super Markets, Healthcare organizations, we have solutions that can help in generating revenue on your investments.

Software centric solutions

Segregated Architecture where integration enables global expansion

Modernization, transformation

Where art and technology fuse.

collaborative efforts in design development and devops,

Architecture definitely matters.

Continous Integration & Delivery Model
Seamless Agile Delivery Model

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Thank you for visiting RiverLog Software, Consulting & Advisory Services.  RiverLog is a USA based company with global offices across. Our consulting and advisory services are efficiently packaged and available to begin work within a day, unlike other large corporations which needs to go through several processes.

1. Western Regions/Mainly USA.
2. Emerging Countries/Mainly India.
3. Europe: Amsterdam,Norway

Please visit contact page to know our development centers in the USA, India. We have satellite offices in other emerging countries, where we provide consulting and advisory services and ERP product in the cloud for academic institutions, POS in the cloud for super markets. Please visit our partner link to connect enable "service connect" that connects product centric companies, their product and services to the USA. Through virtual video conferencing sessions, conference calls and personal visits, however the case may fit these entities, RiverLog will use its high technology expertise to help the companies get exposed to new markets. This service requires one to be RiverLog Partner. Please visit out partner page. Talk to us.

Send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR call us at 415-251-2404  Selectively, RiverLog will invest by providing resources to chosen product or services companies. To be qualified, send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details.

DISCLAIMER. Please do not send confidential or proprietary information without written consent and agreed upon by RiverLog official and yourself. Without this consent, we will not be entertaining any information.

RiverLog is a proud sponsor of "TechBeat Conference 2017, "TechBeat Conference 2018,  "TechBeat Conference 2019, and upcoming TechBeat 2020"

A brief snapshot of products and services.  Click top right corner ICON and click "product and details" for a detailed look.


For Enterprises :

Architectural Assessment Services-Two to Three Weeks.

Enterprise Application Integration AND Service Oriented Architecture

BigData Assessment and proof of concept. Liteweight - RiverLog Hadoop For Windows.

Enterprise Service Bus Implementation - iPaaS

IT Audit where process, methodologies, off-shore/near-shoring are all considered to provide value added recommendations. This is a two week engagement with max of four highly qualified technical hands lead by Enterprise Architect.

Research and Analysis, Product bench marking, product evaluations.

Mobility Solutions.

Security Enforcement Services.

For Small/Mid-Sized Businesses:

ERP/CRM Implementation.

Highly responsive portals to move small business from static to dynamic.

Custom Development.


Human Capital Management Solution, the ATS. Please click here to know more.

Mobility Solutions.

Security Enforcement Services.

RiverLog's Product & Services for emerging countries/Mainly India.


ERP/CRM Implementation & Integration.

Highly responsive portals to move small business from static to dynamic.

Custom Development for banks/credit organizations/financial institutions.

Healthcare Technology Enablement and integration.

SMART Systems, BioMetrics.

Recruitment Solutions.

Mobility Solutions.

Consulting Services/Virtual Consultation.

Security Enforcement Services. A paragon security spin off. 


Call us at  415-251-2404 USA or INDIA at +91 859 394 1867 Or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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