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BioBuilder-DT A Modernized ATS

BioBuilder-DT is a full fledged recruitment solution. If you are looking for an applicant tracking system that is modernized to suit current industry trends, then BioBuilder-Digital Transform is your best choice.

Here is a snapshot of BioBuilder-DT. When you have efficient candidates and your requirement dictactes very specific needs, BioBuilder-DT suffices the need by creating models from resume's and displays these candidate information, thereby not loosing a single candidate from search results. please take a quick look at a two minute video (RIGHT SIDE) of the various screens and features of BioBuilder-DT

Most importantly BioBuilder-DT can be integrated with YOUR email system. No need to pay for your data and no problems with corrections and once again, you get to work with YOUR email.

BioBuilder-DT Components

Most ATS systems existing today are geared towards generating client requirement or job orders from various job boards.

Today's market demands efficient candidates. A candidate, that may fit a particular requirement may also fit another requirement. such is the job market. Recruiters need to be able to line up for both reuirements. As interview processes intensifies, recruiters need a system to help hiring managers go through as little as an interview process and add value to the client's already rigorous interview process. You need a system like BioBuilder-DT.BioBuilder-DT helps either single recruiter companies or large recruiting companies equally, in searching, presenting efficient candidates to clients matching job orders or requirements and tracking them after they get placed, doing post placement routines. BioBuilder-DT's business intelligence module helps companies track activities and present reports and analytics.

Integration Modules

BioBuilder-DT comes with inbuilt CRM modules,timesheet management, along with various mobile device integration components that can be customized.

BioBuilder-DT can be easily integrated with any third party CRM or ERP systems, payroll, timesheet management systems etc.

email us at sales@riverlog.com . Talk to us to schedule a simple demo.

May it be several recruiters and account managers OR you are just a single entity and has a responsibility of fulfilling client requirements, BioBuilder-DT is very much suited to fit both scenarios.

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Making a decision to buy a recruitment software is a critical task. You need a software that adheres to latest trends and avoid old legacy systems. More over, when you choose a software in the cloud or chose a locally installable software, you need to have a software that works within latest trends. Intelligence should be built within any software applications in today's world. Today, recruitment companies are presenting candidates to clients and the service provided must be a value-added service to your customers, in that part of the hiring process, needs to completed by recruitement companies. Recruiters, account managers and administrators must be able to work collaboratively and do their jobs in parallel. Common ATS systems alone does not suffice todays needs. You need a complete end-end recruitment solution OR simply a modernized ATS. All parties should work together and recruitment companies need to have a software that is flexible to present efficient candidates to any clients at any time, communicate with any stake holders or anybody for that matter at any time and yet, track all this and take action for the best of the interest of all parties. BioBuilder-DT is designed to suit these specific needs. BioBuilder-DT has been built from ground up, with the above in view and using intelligent systems that model resume's to be able to search and dig out burried and efficient candidtes from within databases. You don't need to know the technology that your engineers or candidates need to know. Talk to us! Click the image on your right side or Chat with us now, by clicking the chat image below to your left.

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